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5 Ways To Promote Your Team Merch

Limelight Teamwear

So, your Limelight Teamwear custom order comes in the mail, and you love it! You want everyone else to love it as much as you do, but you can’t quite think of a way to market your new merch. Don’t worry, the Limelight team has your back. Follow along as we explain five different ways to promote and advertise your merchandise.

5 Ways To Promote Your Team Merch

Show it off on Instagram

Social media is such a useful tool when trying to promote something about your business. There are so many ways to market your new team merch on Instagram. First, we’d suggest capturing photos of your new product on faces that are familiar to your audience. So grab a student or two and have them model your new gear.

Once you have some photos ready to go, post to your studio’s Instagram page and share the photos as a feed post. Once you’ve posted, share the post to your story and tag your dancers! This allows your dancers to share the story to their story, widening your audience even more. Not only can your other dancers see the new merch, but their parents will as well. As Limelight carries sizes up to Adult XXL, there’s always the option to have team wear created for the parents to show their support for the studio.

Share Some Video

While creating content, throw on a few pieces of your team wear and shoot some video! There are so many different ways to create promotional videos for your studio. For example, get on Tik Tok, find some trending videos, and recreate them in your team wear! Another option is to create videos to share on Instagram. Your videos for Instagram could consist of you showing off the features of each garment and telling your audience the benefits of the garments!

Video is a perfect opportunity to get creative and test different ways of advertising. See what your audience responds to the most and adapt your video content accordingly. Try something new and crazy that would grab the attention of your viewers. Join your students in trying a viral dance challenge, try a voiceover, try lip-syncing to your favorite song. Video is the best way to test new ideas and let your imagination run wild. The crazier, the better!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to market your team wear and keep your studio parents up to date on what’s going on with your studio. Sending an email to all your parents to inform them about your new team wear is a perfect way to spread the news. In the email, include each garment that you have available along with the sizes you have in stock. Show off the features of each garment and help educate your parents about the benefits of each garment.

Whether your garments are solely for your students or available to parents for purchase, letting your student’s parents know which options are accessible to them will help them decide which pieces they’re going to buy. This is also a great opportunity to attach an order form and have them order directly from your email, which saves you time! Email marketing also provides the parents with a direct line back to you if they have any questions or concerns about the products. If you can’t answer a product question, the Limelight team is here to help!

Set Up a Display

Now let’s talk about in-person marketing. You’ve covered some online territory, but how are you going to market when your parents are in your studio? An obvious but effective way is to set up a display. Have your garments out for your audience to see when they come into your studio.

If you are only ordering enough jackets for your students, you can order an extra garment for display. With extra garments on display, this allows parents and other non-competitive students to take interest in the team wear you have for your competitive team. If there’s enough interest in your team wear, you can accept pre-orders and eventually place an order for parents and other students.

Show it Off

If you want others to love your team wear, what better way to promote it than to wear it yourself? When parents can see it on an actual body, it’s easier to see the features of the garment. Whether it be a jacket, scrunchies, or jogger pants, sporting the team wear yourself shows your audience that you’re proud of the team wear that you’ve created!

Wearing your team wear while running errands or just about anywhere is free advertising for you and your studio. Once your students get their team wear, they will be sure to wear it after they leave the studio, which is also great advertising.

These are five easy ways to promote and show off your new custom team wear! Try them out, and let us know how it works out for you. If you have any product questions, feel free to contact your Teamwear Specialist.

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