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Why No Minimums Matter

Limelight Teamwear

Picture this: you just placed your bulk team wear order for your team. Weeks go by, and you receive your order…but something’s missing. You check your invoice and notice that you completely forgot a student in your order. You’re now in trouble as you had to place your order in bulk! You contact the company to try and place an order for the missing piece, but you’re out of luck as they can’t produce single garments for you. Now, imagine that you’re a Limelight customer. The same situation happens, you contact your Teamwear Specialist, and you get answered with a “No problem!” instead. At Limelight, we believe it’s important to offer no or low minimums on all products.

Why No Minimums Matter

Whether you need to make an order for your entire team or you need one jacket for a new team member, Limelight has your back. We understand that there can be a lot of frequent changes when you own a business; that’s why we created our no-minimum collections. No minimums means stress-free ordering, knowing that if you forget a garment or two, it’s easy to place another order for the missing items. Growing your team should be exciting, not stressful! With no order minimums, you know there’s no issue if you gain a new student, one of your students grows out of their team wear, or you want to order for your staff.

Our Street Collection is the only collection that carries low minimums due to the creation process of our fleece garments. Having low minimum requirements ensures that we’re not wasting fabric and creating an environmental strain. If you don’t have enough students to meet these requirements, we have three other ultra-popular collections for you to choose from that all boast no minimums. Our Evolution, Onyx, and Accessories Collections boast a wide variety of garments to choose from, giving you the option to keep your design simple and sleek, or bright and colorful!

Another benefit of carrying no minimums in our Evolution and Onyx collections is that you’re able to order exactly what your team needs and not a garment more. Depending on style preference and budget restrictions, your parents may not want to purchase every team item for their child. With no minimums, that’s no problem at all! If your team needs team jackets, but you also offer jogger pants and sports bras, your students and their parents can decide which garments they’d like to purchase.

You decide how many garments you want to have available for your team. No minimums also allow you to run an in-house boutique! If you want to test if a new product would sell well at your studio or gym, order just a few to try it on the parents first. If successful, you’re able to take pre-orders, or you can order however many you’d like to keep in your store. Having items available is a great option for new students to your studio or gym. When they register, they can browse the custom-branded garments and purchase garments for training.

No minimums are also beneficial if you have a coed team. You can choose a slim-fit jacket style for your girls and a varsity or bomber-style jacket for your boys! You can have the design tweaked to have a different color for each jacket style, or keep them all the same with a gender-neutral design. You can also offer both styles to your students and give them the choice of a tight or loose-fitting jacket style.

The benefits of choosing a team wear company that offers no minimums are truly endless. If you have any questions or concerns about joining thousands of happy customers that have chosen Limelight for their team for over ten years. Contact us today to start the ordering process!

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