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Complete Your Team Look

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Complete your Look 

As the fall is quickly approaching, it’s time to think ahead. If you’ve been thinking about adding to your team wear look or redesigning your team’s look, now is the time to start planning! With so many incredible high-quality garments to choose from, why not add a piece or two to your team’s look or your in-house boutique.

Complete Your Team Look

We want your students to always look and feel their best; help them achieve this by clothing them in training wear that moves with them and allows for total freedom of movement. Let’s take a look at some training wear options. 

If you have team jackets, consider adding a coordinating bottom to complete the ensemble! We have a wide variety of styles to choose from with different features. 

Our Evolution High Waist Legging is perfect if you want an all over design. You can design this piece to match your existing jacket or other Limelight garments, or design them in a coordinating design. The entire legging is fully customizable with no design limitations including the waistband. Add your logo to the back or front of the waistband, down the leg, on the ankle or on the hip; the choice is yours. 

Looking for a relatively simple legging with some element of design? Our Evolution Jazzy Legging is a great option for your team if your other garments feature black design features or you just want to keep it simple. The Jazzy Legging has four sublimated panels at the front of the legging that are fully customizable. This garment is a great way to feature your team’s design while not having the entire garment covered in your design. Your team’s logo can be placed anywhere you’d like within the 4 sublimated pannels. The back of this legging is black fabric, keeping your look a little simpler than if you were to design our Evolution High Waist Legging. Check out website to browse our other legging styles. 

Comfort meets style! If your team needs comfortable pants that easily slide on and off, our Tapered Jogger Pant is for you. Our Tapered Jogger Pants are fully customizable with pockets and drawstrings for comfort and functionality. Wear your team branding loud and proud with an all-over print, or keep it simple with a coordinating design to match your existing team jacket. These pants are perfect for easy changing and super comfortable to longue in when your students are out of the studio.

If you’re looking for pants with minimal design and maximum comfort, then your team will love the Onyx Jogger. This jogger features sublimated elastics on the bottom half of the leg. This is perfect if you only want to add your team colors and logo. This produces a super clean look and keeps your team looking and feeling their best. 

If you’ve completed your competition look and are on the hunt for some high-quality training gear to keep your students feeling supported through hours of training, we have a variety of options for your team. Let’s take a look at some training outfits that we love! 

Pair the Evolution Crop V-Neck with the 2-Panel Jazzy Legging for an adorable, coordinated training outfit. The Evolution Crop V-Neck is made from a polyester/spandex blend that feels as great as it looks. Keep your students comfortable and stylish with your custom team design on this crop tee. This can either be designed to match your existing jacket design, or you can take your team colors and do a simple ombre or add another coordinating design element to tie into your overall team look. The 2-Panel Jazzy Legging also features a sublimated waistband and two panels on the lower leg, allowing for complete coordination for the perfect training set! The waistband sits comfortably and when paired with the crop tee, there’s not too much stomach exposed on most bodies. If you want to keep your students cool while maintaining a similar look, consider adding the Jazzy Short as your bottom for this outfit. 

If you love a banded look, consider the Halter Sport Crop Top or our Strappy Sports Bra paired with our Pro-fit Short. The bands on all of these garments are fully customizable, therefore you can have matching bands to pull the look together. Give your students the gift of comfort and support with our banded garments. Not only are the design details super flattering, but also support your students with every move. Create a stunning coordinating design to your existing team wear pieces with the help of your Teamwear Specialist. 

If you’re looking for lots of coverage, check out our Jazzy Bodysuit paired with our Jazzy Short! You never have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions with this bodysuit as it’s one piece. Layer the Jazzy Short over top for a completely covered training outfit. Both of these pieces have great design capabilities and can be designed to pair perfectly together. The open back feature of this bodysuit keeps your students cool throughout their training, keeping comfort as a top priority. 

These are only some of the incredible options Limelight offers to have your team looking and most importantly, feeling their best! Whether you’ve yet to complete your competition look, or are looking to branch out into custom training wear, rest assured that your students will feel supported, comfortable, and confident in any Limelight garment you choose for them. 

If you’re unsure or feeling overwhelmed with options, give your Teamwear Specialist a call or contact us for assistance. We’re more than happy to discuss which garments would best suit your specific team needs. If you’re new to limelight, contact to get started. 

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