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No Minimums, No Problem!

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No minimums, no problem!

No Minimums, No Problems!

Have you ever been in the position where you only need to order one or two more jackets for additional students but can’t? Unlike other team wear companies, Limelight offers low to no minimums on all of our garments; this means you can order one item if necessary! 

We’ve heard many stories from clients who were with other team wear companies previously that had nightmare situations about not being able to place an order due to a minimum order requirement, adding much unnecessary stress, especially during busy times in the year. Hear some stories about how our low to no minimums have helped so many of our clients. 

Our client, Anthony, started a new studio in 2021 and came to us after going through a massive inconvenience with another team wear company. As he was opening a new studio, he was working on growing his competitive team and started with a team of 15 students. He was taken through the design process and paid startup fees with his previous team wear company. When he went to place his order, he was then informed that there was a minimum order quantity of 25 garments. As you can imagine, this was disappointing to find out as he had spent so much time working on designs for his new team. He was hopeful that his team would continue growing, but didn’t want to order jackets and random sizes only to not be able to use them down the road. Anthony couldn’t get a refund from his previous team wear company for all of the startup fees he had to pay. Thankfully, he found us on his search for a new team wear company! 

Our client, Danielle, came to us after having countless issues with her previous team wear company. During her last experience with her previous team wear company, she had placed her large order and realized a week later that one of her students had not handed in her order form. Therefore, she was missing one jacket but had already placed her order. She reached out to the company, however, as they had high order minimums, she couldn’t order one extra jacket for her student. She then had to seek out a plain jacket for the one student, which stood out at competition (and not in a good way). After this incident, she went looking for a team wear company that didn’t have order minimums; this is how she found Limelight Teamwear! She chose an Evolution style jacket and therefore didn’t have to worry about any minimums. Although she always makes sure to double check that everyone has their order forms in now, she knows that if a mistake ever happens, we have her back. 

Our most recent story is from our client, Beth. Beth is a new client to Limelight as she was tired of having to order unnecessary extra jackets from her old supplier. Beth was with her previous supplier for four years. She had a jacket that her team liked, however, was starting to notice some pretty serious wear and tear on the jackets, even though her team only wore them during the competitive season. Since she had them for three years, she decided to reorder the same jackets. When she contacted her supplier to reorder, she was told they no longer made her style jacket. Remembering the headache it was to get her parents and students on board with one jacket three years prior, she was not looking forward to going through the process again. In addition, she had also lost a few dancers on her competitive team. Therefore, she was three dancers short of making the order minimum. She didn’t want to order three extra jackets that she would have no use for as she didn’t know when exactly her team would grow again. Before selecting a new style with her previous supplier, she decided to shop around for other team wear companies first. When she found Limelight, she was pleasantly surprised to hear about how we never discontinue our styles, our no minimums, and the premium quality of our garments that will last for years! She quickly ditched her old team wear supplier and made the switch to Limelight. She’s recently received her new team jackets and couldn’t be happier with the final result. 

These are only a few of many stories from our clients that have struggled with meeting minimums amongst other issues at other team wear suppliers. At Limelight, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality team wear and to reduce the stress that comes with ordering new team wear. On all of our accessories and garments from our Onyx and Evolution collections, we offer no minimums. We also own our own manufacturing establishment, therefore, we will always be able to reproduce a garment that you have had made in the past from Limelight. In addition, once you have finalized your design, it will stay in your account forever; there will never be additional fees to order the same design that you’ve ordered in the past. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us; the Limelight team is happy and ready to help! 

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