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Design Deal Days 2023

Limelight Teamwear

It’s that time of year when the weather gets warmer and the deals get sweeter! At Limelight, we know our quality is top-notch, and we want you to know it too; this is why we’re having our Design Deal Days event. This event is a reimagined Spring Special to also give a fantastic deal to our greatly appreciated existing clients!

Design Deal Days 2023

One of the benefits of our Design Deal Days event is completing your jacket design. The majority of our clients begin the design process with their team jacket. Once your jacket is designed, creating coordinating pieces with our design team is a breeze. Plus, you can even test out our high-quality Custom Team Backpacks, at no additional cost with this event. Receive free jacket from our Evolution or Onyx Collection and a brand new Custom Team Backpack for simply paying the regular $100 design fee.

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Whether you’re a studio or club owner who is brand new to Limelight, or an existing customer looking to do a redesign, you don’t want to miss out on this limited-time deal. If you’re new to Limelight, this is your opportunity to feel and test the quality of our garments first hand. Take this time to get your hands on garments you’ve had your eye on and try them out yourself or have one of your students try them out so you can test the durability! No matter who you decide to order for, we recommend taking advantage of this deal as it doesn’t last for long.

Design Deal Days is thrilled to offer a second exceptional deal exclusively for our esteemed clients and those who possess team jackets but instead seek to expand their branded collection. For a mere $60, consisting of two design fees at $30 each, you will receive two FREE samples (one of each product) and we cover the shipping costs. With this incredible offer, you can acquire two designs for the upcoming season and two samples to flaunt before placing your order. This will create excitement and boost sales. The samples will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! You can select any product that does not have a minimum to order and or is not a jacket/hoodie.

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We understand that with rising costs, there are many fixed costs that we can’t avoid. If you’re debating whether or not team wear is a necessity for your team, consider these three reasons as to why team wear is beneficial!

1. Promotes Unity

When your team looks like a team, they feel like one too! That feeling of team unity keeps your team motivated to do their absolute best. Limelight team wear is designed to move with your students to make them look and feel their best; with that, comes a high level of confidence. This confidence translates into results.

2. Team Identity

When you walk into a competition, you want everyone to know your name. This can be achieved by wearing eye-catching team wear. Work with the Limelight team to use your team branding and colors to create your ideal team wear ensemble that will have all eyes on you at any event!

3. Team Wear for All

Team wear doesn’t have to stop at your students. Limelight offers jacket sizing from a child size four to an adult XXXL. With our size range, this means you can outfit your entire staff and your supporters (parents and friends). Order additional team wear to sell in your in-house boutique in your studio or club to increase revenue throughout the year!

We see first-hand every day how our high-quality team wear impacts our clients! The feelings of joy and excitement when your new team wear arrives at your door is like no other; knowing your students are about to get that extra boost of confidence they need to succeed.

What are you waiting for? This deal won’t be around for long! Contact your Teamwear Specialist today to take advantage of this event. Looking to become a Limelight customer? Email for more information!

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