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Three Tips to Start Creating Your Custom Team Look

Custom Teamwear

When it comes to choosing the right custom team apparel for your team or studio, there are so many options out there. It can feel overwhelming and leave you wondering where to start. Well, look no further.

We’ve compiled our top three tips to consider when creating a custom look that your whole team will love.

Three Tips to Start Creating Your Custom Team Look

1. Which garment should you select?

With so many options available it’s easy to get overwhelmed with which item you should invest in for your team first. Although you can start with any garment, when we start working with a new client or an existing client who is doing a brand overhaul, the first garment we always suggest is your custom team jacket.

If you’re wondering why, a custom team jacket is a large piece that your team will wear to events, out in public, and is a visible representation of your brand within your community. It is one of your higher investment pieces and a staple your team will wear proudly for years to come.

For our dance studio owners, this would be similar to recommending a new student start in a ballet class. Just like ballet is the foundation of dance, your team’s jacket is the foundational piece for your branded apparel – setting the tone for adding additional pieces to your collection down the road.

This is why Limelight has many different jacket styles in each of our three collections – Evolution, Onyx and Street. You’re guaranteed to find a fashionable piece that represents your team’s style and personality.

2. Who is the apparel for?

Is your club, studio or team made up of primarily young kids? Or is it made up of a wide range of ages, sizes, body types and genders? Are your coaches and staff going to be wearing the same apparel? What are they using this custom team apparel for?

Limelight has a wide range of styles under each of our apparel categories so each team member regardless of age, size, shape or gender looks and feels amazing while representing their studio.

For example, if you’re selecting a specific jacket and you have male athletes on your team, then you would perhaps consider a unisex-style Bomber Jacket or Varsity Jacket over the female cut of the Signature Jacket from the Evolution Collection or the Fitted Jacket from the Onyx Collection. However, if your team is primarily female looking for a great warm-up piece, than the Signature Jacket or the high compression found in the Onyx Fitted Jacket would suit your team’s needs perfectly. Both of these jackets would also be amazing options for gymnasts over their leotards at competitions to stay warm and look great while representing their team.

On the other hand, if you’re a dance studio and your dancers are going to be wearing costumes under these jackets when attending competitions or recitals, then we would recommend a jacket like the Bomber from the Evolution Collection, the Varsity (available in all three of our collections) or the Windbreaker from the Onyx Collection, as these options feature a looser fit and would provide dancers the space needed over their costumes.

The same concept would apply when selecting bottoms. Are you looking for a form-fitting legging or short style bottom with stretch? Or are you looking for a pullover item with a more relaxed fit such as a jogger or sweatpants?

Our team wear consultants will ask these questions, and it’s important to ask yourself these questions as well to ensure you’re happy with the end result. Regardless of the garment you choose, we know your team will look amazing in their new custom team wear selections.

3. What are your team’s personality and values?

Your branded team apparel is so much more than just a jacket or a pair of pants, it’s a reflection of who you are and what you represent as a team. It’s the image you portray to potential clients at events, at competitions, or even within your local community. Selecting the perfect team wear will also help you to attract your ideal clients for the future growth of your team, club or studio.

Here are a few things to consider:

What style does the team have? Are they classy, funky, edgy, bold, girly, strong, or sophisticated?
How does the garment reflect that style?

Limelight has three incredible collections of garments each with its own personality, which gives you the ability to mix and match so that you can find just the right combination that your team represents.

Beyond the garment style, you have the ability to make any piece tell a story of who your team is through the design process. Our in-house design team will assist you to take every piece of custom apparel you select to the next level, by working with you closely, ensuring all artwork is a true representation of your brand. Some clients head into the design process knowing their vision and exactly what colours they need by wheel code, and some would rather leave it up to our team at Limelight to help design an item that reflects their personality and values. Through a few simple questions (mentioned above) and a browse through our look-book for some inspiration, our design team will work with you to create something that feels right and is representative of your brand.

Staying true to who you are, what you represent, and knowing your team’s needs will result in a one-of-a-kind look that you will be proud to rock at the studio, at competitions, on the street and beyond.

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! The Limelight team is always happy to assist you from start to finish. Start with your custom team jacket, and work with us to build out a collection of beautifully coordinated apparel and accessories. We want nothing more than to see you and your athletes, dancers or gymnasts happy and fabulously fashionable.

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