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3 Ways to Boost Your Recital Revenue

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Although it may seem far away, now is the time to start thinking about your year-end recital. The Limelight team is here to help you get all that you can out of your recital.

3 Ways to Boost Your Recital Revenue


We know that this event is a fantastic memory for your students and something they look forward to; but we also know it’s a perfect time for you to boost your studio’s revenue and we’re here to help. We’ve created an entire event to make your recital planning a little more simple.

3 Ways To Boost Your Recital Revenue

Our Recital Ready Event begins on February 1st and is designed to help you get high-quality recital merchandise, finale tee’s, and more ahead of time so it’s one less thing to worry about. We make the design process easy with no design fees and a helpful team. We have specific deadlines to ensure you receive your order in plenty of time. Our team of Teamwear Specialists are here to guide you through the design process and help you create recital merchandise to capture the memories of the day for years to come. We have products that are brand new just in time for this event that we know your students and parents will love. Let’s quickly check out the new products!

Premium Raw Edge Cropped Hoodie

The Raw Edge Hoodie that you already know and love is available with a slight change! We’ve removed the customized elastic bands from the sleeves and kept it simple. With high-quality 3D raised screen print on the front of the hoodie, you can choose your fleece color and add your logo for a personal touch. The soft fleece fabric will have your students and parents comfortable and cozy while lounging or going to and from practice. This hoodie can also be styled with a pair of jeans or leggings for a casual street look while representing your studio!

Relaxed Street Short

Completely new to Limelight, the Relaxed Street Short is a unisex short with a relaxed fit that can be styled for street wear or thrown on on top of training wear. This is also a great piece to wear during practice for a hip hop class. With full-color, 3D raised screen print available to add your logo to the left leg of the short, your students will love being comfortable while representing their favorite studio! These shorts are made from a material that features a more structured fit and less stretch, creating a more “street style” look.

Hip Hop Sweatpants

Whether you’re dancing, flipping or stunting, these sweatpants were designed with performers in mind. Created with a mid-weight soft cotton-blend fabric, you’re able to move freely for the ideal combination of hip-hop style and studio-to-stage comfort. Not only do you have a choice of nine fleece colors, but with our 3D raised screen print, you can also add text horizontally or vertically on the left leg, adding your personal style to the garment.

Raw Edge Short

The same Raw Edge Short you already know and love! With your choice of nine fleece colors and a customizable, sublimated elastic waistband, your students will absolutely love this short. This short excels in comfort and is the perfect garment to throw on in the summer over a bodysuit or worn as part of the raw edge set with the hoodie. Add your logo repeating around the waistband to allow your students to represent your brand wherever they go.

Pullover Hoodie

A new product just for this event! This is your basic pullover hoodie made from a soft fleece/polyester blend and will be the hoodie you never want to take off. With a choice of 9 fleece colors, or 5 pastel colors, you’re able to make this design completely unique to your team! Add your team’s logo on the front to allow your team to sport their studio’s branding!

Pastel Print Pullover Hoodie

Our new pullover hoodie, but with more design options! The Pastel Print Pullover Hoodie was created to give you some unique options for your recital merchandise that you students and parents want to wear for years to come. With the high-quality 3D raised screen print, you’re able to add your studio’s branding or your recital’s branding on this special-edition hoodie to give it an aspect of customization so your students can wear it proudly.

Recital Tee

The classic, must have recital tee! Order it with all of your merchandise to get all your ordering done at once. Add all your student’s names on the back, and work with your Teamwear Specialist to add your recital’s theme on the front with whatever artwork you’d like! Your students will have this tee for years to come.

Crop V-Neck Top

This completely sublimated cropped v neck tee will be your dancer’s new favorite top to wear during practice sessions and on days outside the studio. Fully design the entire tee with your team’s colors, any relevant design elements and your logo! With a four-way stretch consisting of a polyester/spandex blend, this top boasts both comfort and style.

Gymnastics Leotard

The Gymnastics Leotard that you know and love, at a special price for your recital needs! This leotard makes a perfect finale costume or a recital-branded piece for your students to wear to class for years to come. This leotard is fully sublimated and can be customized to wow all your students and parents! Pair it with the Raw Edge Short in a coordinating design for the perfect costume.

Branded Tablecloth

The perfect marketing asset! Use this branded tablecloth to put over you merchandise table or hang it up and use it as a photo backdrop to allow your students to take photos at the recital. When you spend X during the Recital Ready Event, you’ll receive a Branded Tablecloth for FREE!


Everyone’s favorite scrunchie! With the perfect blend of stretch and hold, choose to create either a branded scrunchie with your studios logo, or create a recital-themed scrunchie to help you students remember the day for years to come.

Now that you’ve met all of the products available for the Recital Ready Event, let’s talk about three different ways you can boost your recital revenue.

1. Presale

Have you considered setting up an online or in person presale for your recital merchandise? We have so many fantastic, premium garments to choose from in our Recital Ready Event. At unbelievable prices, you’re able to mark up the price to your students. Not only does presale get your students excited about what’s coming, but it also allows you to have security and peace of mind knowing you already have recital merchandise purchased.

Presale can also give you an estimate on how much merchandise to order for your recital as you can gauge interest on your custom garments.

2. Merchandise Booth

Limelight is here to set you up for success. We highly recommend setting up a booth at your recital venue with a display of all of your available recital-branded merchandise. We have resources to set you up for success such as price sheet templates, branded tablecloths/photo backdrops, tips and more.

This is a great place to be able to answer questions your students or parents have about any of the products. The Limelight team is always here to help you answer any questions about the merchandise. You can also find answers on our website at

3. Online Sales

Online sales can be beneficial for both pre-sale and selling any remaining merchandise (if any) after the recital ends. This is a great opportunity to sell to students who possibly missed the recital or didn’t get a chance to shop at the recital. We understand how busy it is on the day of the recital and some students and parents may not have time to pop by the merchandise booth.

At the recital, we recommend hanging flyers around the venue letting them know that shopping online is an option with pick up at the studio the following week.

Our team is here to help you through the ordering process for this event and we cannot wait to help you get prepared for a crazy time of year and help reduce stress when the time comes. Ready to get started on your Recital Ready order? Now is the time! We recommend 1-2 weeks time to complete your design, so don’t wait! Contact us today and our team will be happy to assist you.

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