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Back to Class 2023

Limelight Teamwear

The Back to Class Event is back and better than ever. This year’s event is coming to you with great options for you to stock up on at once-a-year pricing! If the Back to Class event is new to you, this event was created in 2022 to allow dance studio and gymnastics club owners to stock up on custom training pieces at record low prices to increase their revenue for the fall. This event provides you with both boys and girls training wear options, all in your custom design. With no additional design fees, take advantage of this deal and stock up for the year!

There are so many fantastic options to stock up on during this year’s Back to Class Event! For your girls, stock up on the Jazzy Bodysuit and the Gymnastics Leotard, all with a matching scrunchie. For your boys, combine the Boys Cut Tank Top and Male Practise Shorts, all for incredibly low prices that only come around once a year. With no additional design fees, your Teamwear Specialist is here to help you design gorgeous training pieces that your entire team will love for years to come.

We recommend factoring in 1-2 weeks time to work with your Teamwear Specialist to create your custom designs for this event! You may create no more than three separate designs for this event to give your students design options. The minimum of 20 applies to each design. Depending on the number of revisions you require, the design process can take up to two weeks. We recommend getting started on your designs as soon as possible to be able to place your order as soon the event begins. This is an event that you don’t want to miss as it only comes around once a year and includes prices that you won’t see at any other time.

Let’s take a look at what’s offered this year!

The Gymnastics Leotard

The Gymnastics Leotard

The much-loved, classic tank style leotard,is a training staple and is available during this year’s Back to Class Event. This leotard features a scoop neckline and back, providing a comfortable fit for both dancers and gymnasts.

Evolution Jazzy Bodysuit

Evolution Jazzy Bodysuit

One of our dancer’s favorite training pieces, the Jazzy Bodysuit! This garment is also included in this year’s event at record-low prices. This bodysuit is fully sublimated and can be ordered in your existing design, or you can work with your Teamwear Specialist to create a brand new design for training! This bodysuit features a gorgeous strappy-style back for maximum comfort and movement while your students are training. Don’t have a design? Contact us today to get started so you’re ready to go!

The Custom Team Scrunchie


Your new favorite hair accessory! The Custom Scrunchie features a strong hold to keep those ponytails and buns in place during long practice sessions. Your Teamwear Specialist can design your scrunchie to perfectly coordinate with your other Back to Class designs. This is a hair accessory that your students will be wearing inside and outside of class…it’s just that good! You can choose to sell the scrunchie separately or include it with the other girls’ products. It’s included with any bodysuit or leotard purchased during the Back to Class Event.

Evolution Boys Cut Tank Top

Evolution Boys Cut Tank Top

The Boys Cut Tank Top you know and love is available during this year’s Back to Class Event! This tank is fully sublimated, meaning you can have a coordinating design to match your girl’s leotards and shorts. This is a loose-fitting tank to allow your recreational students to move around freely and feel their best while in their classes. This is also a great casual option for your competitive boys as well!

Evolution Male Practice Short

Evolution Male Practice Short

This short is great for dance or gymnastics! This short features a loose fit with a good amount of stretch. Like our other Evolution products, these shorts can be designed in full color to match or coordinate with the Evolution Boys Cut Tank Top.

There are so many ways you can take advantage of this once-a-year event! You can create a custom training uniform and include the price in your registration fees. If each student receives a training outfit when beginning at your club or studio, you can have all of your students train while looking like a team. You can design different custom designs for different teams or programs that you run to easily differentiate teams when you’re looking out into your gym or studio. At Limelight, we believe that when you look like a team, you feel like a team and there’s no better time to stock up than the Back to Class Event!

Another great way to take advantage of this event is by stocking up your in-house boutique! It’s your choice whether to create branded pieces or just general designs that you know your students would love. You can stock up and sell these pieces year-round (thought we doubt they will last on your shelves that long). Your Teamwear Specialist can help you create generic designs with your help choosing colors and styles. Our clients have had great success in the previous year selling bodysuits and leotards with basic designs that are non-branded. You know your students best, therefore, it’s completely up to you whether to create branded or non-branded pieces…or both!

The Limelight team is here and ready to assist you with your Back to Class order! Have questions? Check out the event on our website.

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