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Selecting the Right Jacket Style for Your Team: A Guide

Custom Teamwear

Choosing the right jacket style for your team is more than just a fashion statement; it’s about finding the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and team spirit. At Limelight Teamwear, we offer a variety of jacket styles across three distinct collections: the Evolution Collection, the Onyx Collection, and the Street Collection. Each collection has its unique features and benefits, tailored to meet different team needs. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right jacket style for your team and help you understand the key differences between our collections.


Understanding Limelight Teamwear’s Collections

Evolution Collection

The Evolution Collection is designed for teams that value complete customization and flexibility. Jackets in this collection are fully customizable using a technique called sublimation.  You have no color or design limitations, allowing you to create a truly unique look that represents your team’s identity.

Key Features:

Full Customization: No restrictions on colors or designs.

No Minimum Orders: Perfect for teams of any size.

Stretchy Material: Ideal for warm-ups and awards ceremonies.

Jacket Styles:

  1. The Signature Jacket: A classic yoga style,  jacket that can be customized to match your team’s branding.
  2. The Bomber Jacket: Offers a sporty, contemporary look with a high collar and zipper pockets..
  3. The Varsity Jacket: Combines a traditional varsity style with modern customization options.
  4. The Windbreaker: Lightweight perfect for a variety of activities, with full customization available.
  5. The Unisex Hoodie: A comfortable full zip hoodie, that has the ability to design unique features like inside the hood.. 


Onyx Collection

The Onyx Collection is characterized by its premium quality and rich black base, offering a sleek and professional look. These jackets feature dedicated areas for team branding and the option to add embroidered logos.

Key Features:

– Rich Black Base Provides a unified, elegant appearance.

– Premium Quality Fabrics: Ensures durability and comfort.

– No Minimum Orders: Ideal for teams of any size.

– Embroidered Logo Options: Adds a professional touch to your team’s attire.

Jacket Styles:

  1. The Fitted Jacket: A streamlined design that offers a snug fit and sophisticated look.
  2. The Varsity Jacket: A modern take on the classic varsity style with high-quality materials and great stretch.
  3. The Windbreaker: Combines functionality and style, perfect for wearing to and from practise or competitions.


Street Collection

The Street Collection is all about comfort and style, featuring super-soft, high-quality fleece materials. This collection is perfect for teams looking for a casual, stylish option with some color variety.

Key Features:

– High-Quality Fleece: Super soft and comfortable for everyday wear.

– Color Options: Choose from black, white, sport gray, pink, purple, royal blue, navy blue, yellow or red..

– Low Minimum Orders: Minimum of 12 pieces per order, making it accessible for smaller teams.

– Unique Style: Casual yet stylish, ideal for off-field wear.

Jacket Styles:

  1. The Unisex Hoodie: A versatile and cozy option that suits all team members.
  2. The Varsity Jacket: Combines the classic varsity look with the comfort of fleece.  You can select the body color and sleeve fleece colors and the cuffs to make a totally custom look for your team.


How to Select the Right Jacket Style for Your Team


  1. Define Your Team’s Needs

Before selecting a jacket, it’s important to understand your team’s specific needs. Consider the following questions:

– What activities will the jackets be used for? Warm-ups, competitions, travel, or everyday wear?

– What climate or weather conditions will the team encounter? Indoor activities or outdoor events in varying weather?

– What is your team size? Ensure the chosen collection meets the minimum order requirements.


  1. Consider Customization Options

Customization is key to creating a unique and cohesive team look. If full customization with unlimited color and design options is a priority, the Evolution Collection is the best choice. For a sleek, professional look with specific branding areas, the Onyx Collection offers high-quality options. If comfort and casual style are your focus, the Street Collection provides versatile and cozy jackets with embroidered logos.

  1. Evaluate Fabric and Comfort

Different collections offer different fabric qualities. The Evolution Collection’s stretchy materials are perfect for active use and flexibility. The Onyx Collection’s premium fabrics provide durability and a polished appearance as well as stretch, while the Street Collection’s fleece materials ensure comfort and warmth.

  1. Match Your Team’s Style

Your team’s identity and style play a significant role in selecting the right jacket. The Evolution Collection allows for complete creative freedom, perfect for teams wanting a bold, unique look. The Onyx Collection offers a more refined and professional style, ideal for teams wanting a unified appearance. The Street Collection is great for teams that prioritize comfort and a casual, trendy look.

  1. Check for Special Features

Consider any special features that might benefit your team. For example, the Evolution Bomber Jacket offers stylish thumb holes and a high collar that can be worn up or down. The Onyx Collection allows for embroidered logos, adding a professional touch. The Street Collection’s hoodies provide extra warmth and comfort.


Making the Final Decision

After considering your team’s needs, customization options, fabric and comfort, style preferences, and special features, you should have a clearer idea of which jacket collection and style will best suit your team. Here’s a quick summary to help you decide:

– Evolution Collection: Choose this if you want full customization with no color or design limitations, and stretchy, active-friendly materials.

– Onyx Collection: Opt for this collection if you prefer a rich black base with premium fabrics and professional embroidery options, while still providing great stretch.

– Street Collection: Select this if you value super-soft fleece, casual street style, and have a team size that meets the minimum order of 12 pieces.



Selecting the right jacket style for your team is a critical step in creating a cohesive and professional appearance. Limelight Teamwear’s diverse collections offer something for every team’s needs, whether you prioritize full customization, premium quality, or casual comfort. By carefully considering your team’s requirements and exploring the unique features of each collection, you can ensure that your team looks and feels their best in the upcoming season. Let Limelight Teamwear help you elevate your team’s style and spirit with the perfect jacket!


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