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Picture this, six year-old girls with sleeves hanging down six inches past their hands, typically black in colour, and fabrics with a nylon shell designed for windy days outdoors.

It all began with a "Dance Dad" who recognized during those long hours of adjudications and awards that the industry needed something vastly different and fashionable to represent their studios and teams.

As a single father who only knew and understood sports, dance was a completely new world. Little did he know at the time that dance would soon become his world, passion, and creative outlet.

Starting out as an inspiration to produce a fashionable, cutting-edge team wear collection to address the needs of his daughter and teammates, the business grew from there, and Limelight Teamwear was born.

About Us

Limelight Teamwear has been an industry leader in producing premium, fashion-forward custom team apparel with cutting edge designs and styles for the dance, cheer and gymnastics industry for over seven years. We started off producing custom dance jackets, but have since evolved leaps and bounds, changing the practice wear game by revolutionizing the way people see team apparel, through custom dye-sublimation.

Our mission is to provide custom-branded team wear and team apparel to ensure you represent with confidence at all of your practices, competitions and everything in between.



We now specialize in custom branded team wear and practice-wear, including original signature jackets, custom leggings, sports bras, performance shorts, halter-tops, skorts and custom accessories such as backpacks, duffle bags and sneakers for dance, cheer and gymnastics.

We offer no minimums, all sizes, limitless designs, premium quality and performance, no screen or setup charges, and vibrant, flawless colours that won't crack or fade.

With two very stylish and versatile collections, the Evolution Collection and the Streetwear Collection, we can customize with your logos and team colours. The Evolution Collection offers uniquely designed and produced custom garments through the print process of sublimation, and the Streetwear Collecton features styles that can be purchased blank or with traditional garment decorating methods such as screen printing and embroidery.

If you can dream it, we can achieve it.

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