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Using Color to Make your Team Wear Pop

Limelight Teamwear

When creating your custom team jacket, you want to create something different, something unique, something that will stand out from the rest. At Limelight Teamwear, our goal is to work with you to create a custom product that you’re proud of and that sets you apart from your competition.

Using Color to Make your Team Wear Pop

There are many ways to create your team wear look in a way that sets you apart from the rest. Whether you’re going for something bright and bold or totally toned down, there are many ways to add a pop of color into your team design to make you stand out!

Let’s go over a few different styles and how to add color into the style you resonate with the most!

Color Block


Color block has become a popular trend in custom team wear. This is a great way to add color to your design while keeping the details of your design simple. As you can see in this example, the pop of bright green catches the eye, and yet there are no busy patterns within the jacket. The black and white help maintain simplicity and tie in the color in the logo. Color block is a great option if you’re looking to branch out and try something bold without creating a busy design.



There are many options when it comes to an ombre design. The choice is yours whether or not to incorporate bright and bold colors into your ombre design. The example above is a perfect example of how to keep the colors simple and muted while still having an eye-catching design. Ombre patterns can be made vertical, horizontal, or in patches where the colors blend together. Make your choice of a blend of bright colors, a black and white design, or a mix of both! This is a great option if you want a hint of color while keeping simplicity in your design.

Section of Color

Bomber Jacket

Looking to keep things super simple but want something to make your look unique? Keep it subtle and add color on a section of your garment. The design options are limitless for this concept. You can incorporate color in strips (as shown above), dots of color, small lines of color, etc. You can choose to only have color on the sleeves as well. This is a great middle-ground if you are looking for ways to stand out and identify your brand without being overly decorated.

Color Patterns

Color Pattern

Go full out with a colored pattern! If you’re going for a look that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd, opt for a full-color pattern! We have a wide variety of neon colors that truly pop. In the example above, you can see how eye-catching this design can be! Use your team colors or add additional colors to your garment to separate your team from the rest. Incorporate bright and vibrant colors into any pattern that you’d like.

These are just a few ways that you can incorporate color into your team wear design. It’s possible to adapt any design inspiration that you like into a colorful masterpiece! We know the importance of being able to wear and show off your team’s colors and branding. Using color is one way to be sure that you’ll stand out from the crowd at any competition or event.

We want you to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the limitless design options. That’s why when you order your custom team wear with Limelight Teamwear, you work one-on-one with a Teamwear Specialist to help guide you through the design process! Our goal is to leave you with your dream team wear look. Consider adding a pop of color to your team wear look today!

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