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Custom Team Jackets That Give Back

Custom Teamwear

A team jacket is something special – it represents a bond between those who work collectively and tirelessly to achieve common goals. It’s a badge of honor earned by dancers and athletes alike through sweat equity, and is a physical representation of your team’s heart.

Custom Team Jackets That Give Back

Limelight’s custom team jackets are no ordinary jackets, as each one comes with a little extra love. For every custom Evolution Collection team jacket that Limelight sells, $2.00 is donated to our charity, Soul Dancers. That means every time one of your dancers, athletes or coaches puts on their team jacket, they should feel proud knowing while they are representing their team, they’re also a part of a larger community of hope, helping those in need through the gift of dance.

What is Soul Dancers?

Steve Park, the owner at Limelight Teamwear traveled to Asia, Honduras and finally Colombia back in 2015 in search of a more viable apparel production situation. During his time there, he witnessed horrible poverty and hopelessness, that if present here in the Western Hemisphere, would cause civil outrage and disruption. Steve was struck by the lack of options and opportunities that were available to women and children in these countries and the void of hope in their lives. These experiences touched a place inside, which would not allow him to forget. It touched his soul, and that was the birth of Soul Dancers Charity.

Each time you purchase from Limelight you become an active participant in bringing weekly dance lessons, English lessons, and healthy meals to over 300 kids in Colombia. As artists and athletes, we know first hand the pure joy that comes from moving our bodies, learning and being a part of a community. This is exactly what Soul Dancers is providing by nourishing the minds, bodies and souls of the less fortunate through the gift of dance.

Labels with Purpose

We know how exciting it is when your new custom team wear arrives; just like Christmas! Every time you receive an order from Limelight, there is another very special reason for your excitement.

Attached to each Limelight Jacket is a one of a kind hang tag, which has been creatively decorated by the children of Medellin, Colombia. Limelight gives $0.20 cents per custom drawn label directly to the orphanages and foundations we support. These funds help bring various art forms to the children including dance lessons, English and Art lessons, healthy meals and transportation in addition to some unforgettable experiences. Recently some of the funds were used to take a group of children to a pool, which was a first-time experience for many and a memory they will never forget.

Next time you receive an order from us, take a moment and look for these tags, as each one is as unique as the child who decorated it. This also serves as a wonderful conversation starter with your students about how being a good person and helping others is really what being a team is about. We can’t forget that a little extra care can go a long way!

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