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Size Inclusivity in Sport

Limelight Teamwear

Over past decades, dancers and gymnasts have not only been judged on their technique and skill level but heavily critiqued on their size. To be a dancer, size used to be a key component of being successful, which we now know is untrue as size does not impact someone’s talent. As a team wear company, we are so happy to witness this massive change in both the dance and gymnastics worlds and are proud to outfit everyone!

Size inclusivity is so important in communities such as dance and gymnastics. At Limelight, we are doing all that we can to support every athlete and ensure that they’re able to access the same training wear and team wear as all of their other teammates. Limelight Teamwear has recently expanded their sizing range to include child size four to adult XXL on all garments and adult XXXL for jackets, ensuring size inclusivity for all.

Recreational sport is also a perfect way for young children to find what they’re interested in and what they like. Being able to participate in any sport is critical for self-esteem as they should feel welcome in any space. This is why it’s so important for sports such as dance and gymnastics, which have previously been known for being exclusive due to size, to be inclusive to everyone, especially at a recreational level!

For young people, it’s incredibly beneficial to have people to look up to who look like you and are in a space you hope to join. It’s difficult to picture yourself in a space when nobody in it looks like you. Here are two real-world examples of plus-size athletes in the dance and gymnastics spaces:

Amanda LaCount

Amanda LaCount


Amanda LaCount is a 22 year old professional hip hop dancer who has been dancing ever since she was two years old. She has taken her passion for dance and turned it into a career. She is an extremely talented hip hop dancer who despite any hurtful comments or looks, says that she’s mentally tough and doesn’t let anyone stop her from pursuing her passion. She has been on America’s Got Talent and is now an influencer, model, singer and actress on top of being a talented dancer!


Although there aren’t any well-known plus-sized influencers in the world of gymnastics, this Tik Toker is showing people that gymnastics isn’t only for smaller people. Leanne is a 33 year old who does adult gymnastics as a passion and a great workout!

Although with hard work and dedication both of these sports can be taken to an elite level, there is also so much room for everyone at a recreational level. Both dance studios and gymnastics clubs have large recreational programs that can spark a passion in their students, or be an outlet for their students to express themselves.

We could not be happier to see both dance and gymnastics becoming more inclusive to every size of body as we know your size doesn’t determine your athletic ability! We will always be here to size all of your students from your tiny tots to your adults and everyone in between.

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