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Why Sublimation is The Best Option For Custom Team Apparel

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If you haven’t already heard, the majority of Limelight Teamwear products are created through the process of sublimation. This means that the design of the garment never fades. Before we get into that, let’s go back to the basics.

Why Sublimation is The Best Option For Custom Team Apparel

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a process where extreme heat is used to essentially fuse the ink with the fabric so they become one.

During the process of sublimation, a design is printed on special paper. When the extreme heat is applied, the ink from the special paper turns into a gas and fuses with the fabric to permanently print onto the fabric!

This is much better than regular custom printing where the design sits on top of the fabric and therefore has the potential to peel, crack or fade after a certain amount of washes!

Why is Sublimation Good for Teamwear?

If you’re an athlete or a parent of one, you know how many times training and competitive apparel needs to go through the wash! Many garments tend to slightly fade after each wash, the elastic in sports bras and shorts start to loosen, and eventually, you’re left with stretched-out, faded teamwear that you have to replace annually!

That’s why we made our garments differently. We saw a need for high-quality, durable teamwear that doesn’t fade or diminish in quality after a few wears and washes! We wanted to be able to provide teamwear that allows your team to stand out from the rest.

Due to the process in which we make our garments, you can have any design you can imagine printed onto our garments. With no extra fees for adding logos or other design elements, we know you’ll end up with a garment that you love!

Besides the fact that our garments stand the test of the washing machine, our products were also created to move with your athletes. We design all of our garments with your athletes in mind! Our fabrics are designed to move with your athletes and make them feel confident and free when in their team wear!

Sublimation eliminates the worry of having your colors crack or fade when they go through a lot of movement. This is important when shopping for training apparel! We have many different options for custom team training apparel. Whether you’re looking for a coordinating short and sports bra, cropped long sleeve, custom leggings, or more, we know your athletes will be training in comfort!

Designing with Sublimation

Printing through the process of sublimation allows for the most creative freedom! It allows you to take complete advantage of full-color printing. With bright, bold colors, any custom team wear printed through sublimation will stand out from the rest! No design is impossible. With the ability to add as many design elements as you desire to your custom team look, you’ll end up with unique team wear that you love.

Sublimation printers also print in incredibly high quality. Therefore, even the smallest of details in your custom design will be clearly printed on your garments. Colors are also printed with a higher accuracy which means when it’s time to reorder, you’re able to order the exact color that you originally ordered. Colors don’t fade through the printing process either. This means that the colors you see when designing your custom team garments will be the color that you see on your custom teamwear!

Overall, sublimation is the superior printing method when it comes to team wear. Nobody wants team wear with colors that crack, peel or fade over time. Consider Limelight Team Wear for your next custom team wear order!

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