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How to Make Your Team Wear Personal

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At Limelight, every single garment we produce is custom made with our client’s custom designs. We understand that it can be overwhelming and a little intimidating to create your own unique design. That’s why we’re here to help work with you and give you ideas to make your design completely your own.

How to Make Your Team Wear Personal


We never allow our clients to exactly replicate a design we’ve created in the past; we only allow our clients to take inspiration from our past designs and take elements of designs they love and incorporate them into their custom look. First, let’s take a look at how some of our clients have made their designs truly their own.


This client, Dance Roots, from Ottawa, Ontario, decided to make their design super personal and creative. They took inspiration from their name and had graphic roots merged into their design in their team colors. They also added in dot design elements on the sides and to the arms to add more depth to the design. They chose a black base to ensure the neon green popped against the base of the jacket; they also wanted the white dots to be seen. As you can see, the roots are a green to gray ombre, which help fade the green roots into the black base. This design was a result of both the team owner, Teamwear Specialist, Nicole, and our Colombian graphic design team all working together to finalize the perfect design for the Dance Roots team. They absolutely loved their final result!


Fierce Factory is located in Missouri City, Texas and has been a long-time Limelight client. They too took elements of their name and their logo to make their design personal and unique. Instead of doing an all-over cheetah print in brown shades, they made it a little more subtle and did a tone-on-tone animal print all over the hoodie. They wanted the design to be more dynamic, so we decided to add curved lines with tone-on-tone print inside of them to create the final look they wanted. They were thrilled with the finished look and loved that they were able to incorporate their animal print in a more subtle way.

White Jacket

24/7 Dance Studio in Frederick, Maryland, decided to make a specialty jacket to celebrate their 20 year anniversary. The entire staff signed their names on a sheet of paper, and we translated it into a digital design. This created a unique design which was then gifted to all of the staff members. This jacket will be a piece that all of the staff members will always cherish, that symbolizes the history of the studio! We designed an entirely new jacket design for this special edition jacket. We worked together with the team from 24/7 Dance Studio and incorporated buildings from Frederick, along with other design elements that they felt well-represented their studio. We were so honored to be a part of this with 24/7 Dance Studio!

There are so many ways to create unique designs that make you stand out at any competition or event! Be true to yourself and your branding with Limelight. Our jackets from our Evolution Collection feature no color limitations, so dream as big as you can. Your Teamwear Specialist will be by your side through the entire design process and will help you create a team jacket of your dreams. To get started, contact us today!


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