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What to Wear for Team Practice

Limelight Teamwear

Finding the right practice wear is a personal choice for every individual dancer. Some like to be covered up when training while others choose minimal training wear to allow for complete freedom of movement. Today, we’re going to walk through many different dance practice outfit options!

What to Wear for Team Practice

No matter which combination of garments you choose, all Limelight Teamwear gear is made to fully support dancers and athletes in every movement they make. We know how important it is to have high-quality training gear that doesn’t irritate dancers while they are trying to train. Dance warm-up clothes and training apparel should be created to provide complete comfort for every dancer. The last thing on a dancers’ mind while training should be the comfortability or lack thereof of their training wear.

Custom team wear can truly bring a team together. When dancers and athletes can represent the studio or club that they belong to, it provides a strong sense of pride to all team members. While it is important to look like a team at competition, we believe there can be equal importance in training in a team uniform. This deepens the sense of team unity when dancers and athletes can look around their studio or gym while training and see all the other team members dressed alike. We believe that the more your team feels like a team, the more motivated they will be to work together to achieve their common goal.

So, what are the options for training wear? We’re so glad that you asked. With three different collections to choose from, Limelight is your one-stop-shop for all things custom team wear! Beginning with some minimal looks, we have two main sports bras and short combos: the Jazzy Sports Bra paired with our Jazzy Short, and our Strappy Sports Bra paired with our Profit Short. These of course are completely interchangeable as you can mix and match any styles that we have available!

Evolution Jazzy Sports Bra Jazzy Shorts

Outfit 1: The Jazzy Sports Bra and Jazzy Short

Our Jazzy combo is perfect for training! Boasting maximum comfort with the open style back of the Jazzy Sports Bra and the flattering fit of the Jazzy Short, these two make the perfect pair when it comes to training in comfort! The Jazzy Sports bra has no design limitations as the bra is fully sublimated. The two front panels of the Jazzy Short are also fully sublimated, making it easy to design the pair to coordinate together.

Strappy Sports Bra Pro Fit Shorts

Outfit 2: The Strappy Sports Bra and Profit Short

Similar to the Jazzy duo but different! What the Strappy Sports Bra and Profit Short have in common are their sublimated elastic bands. Both created with comfort in mind, the elastic bands ensure that these pieces move with you through each movement. The design options are endless as you can choose to design the elastic bands separately from the rest of the garment, or have the design blend into the band!

If you like the look of the elastic band and are looking for more coverage, our Halter Sport Crop is another fantastic option! It features the elastic band at the bottom of the bra, as well as a high-neck fit with a mesh panel near the top.

A bonus of working with Limelight Teamwear is that you’re able to completely customize your team’s outfit. For example, if you like the Jazzy Short but prefer the Strappy Sports Bra for the top, that choice is completely yours to make! You will work one on one with a Limelight team wear specialist to design each garment. We make it easy to coordinate your design with each piece of your custom team wear collection.

Outfit 3: The Crop V Neck And Jazzy 2-panel Legging

Outfit 3: The Crop V Neck and Jazzy 2-Panel Legging

This outfit is perfect for those who prefer to train in a little more coverage. Our Crop V Neck is fully sublimated, allowing you creative control over the design of the entire garment. This flattering top features cap sleeves and just the right amount of stretch to keep you comfortable while training.

Pair the Crop V Neck with our Jazzy 2-Panel Legging as they are great for a simple look with room for customization! The top waistband and bottom two panels are fully customizable, allowing you to sport your team’s logo and colours while still maintaining that toned-down, simple look that these primarily black legging provides. Both of these pieces are made to support your dancers and athletes and together create a great option for training!

Halter Top Performance Capri

Outfit 4: The Halter Top and Performance Capri

This combo is great for those who are looking for that perfect in-between! A fine balance between minimal and full coverage, this outfit will give your athletes that same comfort and support that all of our garments provide. The Performance Capri is a more classic option compared to the Jazzy 2-Panel Legging as the only customization available is on the elastic bands going up the side of the capri.

Our Halter Top is the perfect pairing to go with the capri as it features a band at the bottom of the top, with plenty of length to cover the mid drift, to allow complete freedom to move as they need. The front of the Halter Top is fully sublimated and the back features breathable mesh to keep your athletes cool while training. Another great feature of our Halter Top is that it’s the perfect piece to layer on top of any sports bra or crop tops!

These four outfits are great examples of the looks you can create for your team. There are so many different garments that you can pair together to create the perfect training look for your team. With so many great pieces available, you can give your team the choice of a few different training looks.

Once you have your design for one garment, it’s easy to work with your Limelight Teamwear representative to adapt the design to any additional pieces that you wish to add to your team’s look. With no minimum requirements for orders in our Onyx and Evolution collection and low minimums for our Street Collection, it makes it convenient for you to choose when you’d like to purchase certain pieces in any quantity that you require.


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