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What Team Wear Is Best For You?

Limelight Teamwear

With Limelight’s endless design options, you have the ability to customize your team wear look down to every single detail! Your team wear look is something that is unique to you and your team and something we don’t take lightly. We want your team wear to reflect who you are as a team, and show others who you are.

What Team Wear Is Best For You?

Whether you like a sleek, simple look or you like to go bright and bold, you can have it all with Limelight. Let’s dive into a few different looks to give you a better idea of the endless options you have with Limelight.

Custom Designed Jackets


Sleek and Simple

Whether you’re a gymnastics club or a dance studio that likes a classic look, the Onyx Collection gives you that effortless, classic look. With an all-black base and customizable bands down the sides of most of the garments, you’re able to add your team’s personality while keeping an overall sleek look. Depending on your team, we have more fitted options with the Onyx Female Fitted Jacket and the Onyx High Waisted Legging, or for coed teams, we have the Onyx Varsity Jacket and the fan favorite, the Onyx Jogger. All of these pieces can be customized with embroidery and customized sublimation on the bands on the sleeves. Your bands and embroidery can be as bright or as muted as you’d like. The elastic bands are sublimated with no color limitations. With our design team by your side, you’ll be able to create a look for your team that you love for years to come.

Custom Printed Jacket

Bold and Bright

If your team likes to stand out from the crowd, we suggest a team wear look from our Evolution Collection. This collection is fully sublimated and allows you to design with no color limitations and you can add as many design elements as you’d like. We have two color palette options, regular and neon. If you like to be bright and loud, our neon palette has all the colors you’ll need to do just that! Our regular colors can still separate you from the crowd as we have many bright options on our regular palette. Your Teamwear Specialist can help you evaluate your brand and determine which color palette is best for your team. Within our Evolution Collection, we have many jacket options including our form-fitting Signature Jacket, the Evolution Varsity Jacket, the Evolution Bomber Jacket with a raised collar, and the Evolution Windbreaker. All of these jackets are fully sublimated with no color limitations. All you have to do is choose your jacket style and then with the assistance of our helpful Teamwear Specialists, you can create team wear that your entire team loves.

ONYX Varsity Jacket


Find Your Fit

You know your team better than anyone does! With Limelight, you always have options when it comes to the fit and style of your team wear. This means that you’ll always be able to find something that suits your team and makes them feel their absolute best. Both our Evolution and Onyx collections feature both form-fitting and loose styles to best fit your students. Our Evolution Signature Jacket and our Onyx Female-Fitted Jacket are both slim-fit, yoga-style jackets for that sleek, elegant look. This style is super popular with all-girl dance teams and for gymnastics clubs. You can easily have your design transferred to another style of jacket for your boys or those who prefer a looser fit. We have many different jacket options within each collection from which to choose. You can consult your students and team members to get an understanding of what fit they would prefer, or you can make the decision yourself. With easy design transfer, you don’t have to stick to one style and can even give your students the option of the jacket style they’d like. With no minimums, you’re able to get as little as one of another style jacket if necessary!

Looking for inspiration? Check out our socials! We post designs on our Instagram and Pinterest pages to give you the inspiration you need. Ready to get started on the design process? Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you!

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