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Terms and Conditions


Now that your order has been confirmed, here's what happens next:

  • You will receive an art proof of your order within 5 business days, to check & revise, if needed.

  • You will then approve the final proof of your order by completing a confirmation form and signing off that all is correct.

  • Once we receive the completed confirmation form acknowledging that your order is correct, production of your garments starts and the estimated delivery of your order will be approximately 6 to 8 weeks (standard).

PLEASE NOTE: ***NO CHANGES can be made to an order once it has been confirmed and received. *Changes refers to names, size, quantities, additions and deletions.





We at Limelight value your business greatly. It is our mission to keep you as customer for many years to come by ensuring that we continue to exceed your expectations pertaining to product quality and service. Limelight guarantees materials and workmanship on all merchandise. Limelight will not be responsible for any damages that are incurred by either the customer or a third party company. This includes, but not limited to, adjustments in sizing, additional customization, addition of jewels or rhinestones, etc. This will void any and all product guarantees we provide. Exact color matches between fabric dye lots and complete color fastness cannot be guaranteed. Some shrinkage in the garments is unavoidable.


Estimated delivery of orders is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the date that we receive your completed approval form for the proofs of your order, not from the date the order was placed. Changes to the artwork or additional requests for new artwork after an order has been placed, will delay the start of production and the subsequent estimated delivery date. Limelight does not guarantee production times due to the variable conditions in custom manufacturing and decorating.


Usually around this time of year is when we would be reminding our clients about our Christmas deadline in order to receive your custom team wear by the holidays. As a company, like many businesses, we are taking this pandemic day by day and need to remain flexible with the looming potential of a second wave. With that said, we will not be having a guaranteed Christmas deadline this year. There are to many variables out of our control in order for us to make that guarantee.

We encourage our clients to get their orders in as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we're so grateful we're able to produce the most beautiful custom team wear for you, even despite these unprecedented times.

We will be providing Limelight issued gift cards in the coming weeks after your order is placed. Please feel free to provide these to your parents should we not be able to produce your teamwear before Christmas.

Thank you for your understanding.


The customer assumes full responsibility once the proof is approved. Colors will be printed as close to the proof as possible. Graphics will be sized according to industry standards. The proof represents a digital version of your artwork. A digital proof is an on-screen representation of your artwork files not the actual printed garment. It is intended for viewing purposes only. Print colors may change 3-5% depending on the color setting of your monitor as well as the type of fabric being printed. Please note that when using various printing methods such as sublimation and discharge of water based inks, print colors may change up to 10%. Production times begin once the artwork has been approved and not from the time that order is submitted.


All customer's artwork and designs are custom designed with the intention of creating unique and distinctive apparel. However, Limelight does not promise or guarantee exclusivity of design to any customer.


Full payment is required upfront at the time an order is placed online at Payments are processed through our secure Stripe financial portal. Customers have the option of paying directly only with their Visa, or MasterCard, or American Express credit card.


Limelight provides a door to door DUTY FREE delivery service to all our US and Canadian customers. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges. Charges are determined by weight, size, destination and level of delivery service.


All Limelight products are made-to-order and thus orders are non-returnable. However, Limelight backs all the fine garments that we sell. Claims of order discrepancies must be identified within 3 business days of receipt of goods by the ordering Studio via email to Claims of defective merchandise must be identified within 30 calendar days of receipt of goods by the ordering Studio, not by the end recipient of the garment, via the Return Authorization Form, which is accessed through the "Return Authorization" tab, at the bottom left of Limelight's website. Photo/s showing the defect must be attached. The garment must be returned to Limelight within 10 calendar days for further inspection and resolution and only defective merchandise will be approved for credit or replacement. Normal "wear and tear" is not considered a defect and Limelight is not responsible if washing instructions were not followed.


Unless specified on the Purchase Order or in writing, Limelight reserves the right to use any testimonials and items or pictures of items we produce, in our social media, website, marketing and promotional materials.

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