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Medellin, Colombia: A Dancer's Perspective – Part 1

"The reason I chose dance over politics or law, was because of its artistic way of demonstrating and sharing powerful emotions and stories with its audience – with infinite freedom.

We were able to design our own future, we could create change on the spot. We were capable of turning a shuffle, port de bras, pirouette into so much more. I have discovered that dancers are some of the most beautiful souls on the planet... and YOU are. 

I recently visited Medellin Colombia, to visit the orphanages and the young dancers in programs provided by Soul Dancers Charity. I have honestly never seen happier dancers in my life...and I've seen millions in my time. Why when children have so little, could something like dance change their life? Well, I actually think most of us can relate to that. They had such a genuine love and need for dance.

I have always believed that a dancer's soul has no age, no prejudice or boundaries... and all of the way from a small town in Ontario, Canada I was privileged to witness this first hand.

That a group of kids aged 11-18 in Canada, our h.o.p.e kids, could help change the lives of so many in Colombia... that by creating a charity event, in one evening in May 2016, they could raise over $5500 to donate to Soul Dancers Charity. Now I was seeing the love transferred across the world. I couldn't quite visualize how much young dancers under the age of 18 could impact the lives of those in another country who needed help...but they did."

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we dive into the details of my journey! 

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